In 1989 Onat Textile was established under Onat Group Companies, it is one of the Turkey’s 500 biggest export giants with over 25 years designing and production experienced. Onat Textile exports entire production mainly Europe and USA. It has own production facility in Esenyurt – Istanbul that carry out almost whole production. Onat Textile has an advantage of giving fast and qualified service by having its own cutting, sewing, ironing, packaging, and embroidery sections. Machinery in garment manufacturing are updated based on technological innovation, including robot cutter all products are produced by the latest technologies.
   Onat Textile has the advantage of being able to provide both production and sample services to its customers quickly with embroidery, printing, laser cutter. Onat Textile execute initial orders within 5-6 week. It needs only 3-4 weeks for repeat orders.
   ONAT Group Companies has been operating own Design Office in Barcelona which was established in order to keep up with the rapidly evolving lifestyles that creates trendy collections for well-known brands all over the World.  
   By the dynamic sample department, each month designs are renewed on behalf of respond to the customers’ fashion preferences. Today, Onat Textile is maintain its market share in Turkey with $20 million turnover target and 400.000 pieces per month production capacity.


   Our company is one of the pioneer in the field through its products, service quality, reliability, technological facilities who creates the differences consistently with qualified manpower. Our vision is to reach $50 million turnover in 2018.


   Our mission is to create value, respond to customers’ expectations through quality and stability, stand by our customers in the first post-sales, and to share competitive and sustainable growth potential with our employees.